AR Foundation: Getting a scene set up

Getting an AR ready scene set up is a lot easier than you’d expect in Unity. Here is how to take your first steps into the world of augmented reality with IOS.

Unity Version 2019.4.13f1 LTS

First install the AR Foundation and AR KitXR Plugins (this plugin is specific to IOS). These can be found by going to Window -> Package Manager

Next configure your Player Settings. You can find the needed options under Project Settings, in the Player Tab, under the Other Settings Dropdown. Check Requires ARKit Support, Set the Minimum IOS Version to 11.0, and Switch the Architecture to Arm 64.

Now that you have the plugins installed, if you right click in the scene hierarchy you’ll have a new option for XR. Add in an AR Session Object, and an AR Origin Object. You can now delete the main camera, as the AR Session Camera (which is a child of the AR Session) will be taking over.

We are now ready to start building a scene in an AR Space!


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