Fatal! Git Hub Frustration.

It all started with a simple task. Get an AR scene working in Unity and build it to my Iphone. I fired it up on my PC, got a little scene together and needed to send it to my Mac so I could test it in Xcode. Since I was going to be doing this often I thought it would make the most sense to set up a Git repo. Now Git is definitely not my strongest point when it comes to programming. Once everything is up and running I can do all the basics and get by, but I usually run into and error or two on setup. Today was no different. I got everything set up and it was time to do a pull. “$ git pull origin master” I commanded to my computer. Simple enough. I was ready for the cascading numbers to start and for that oh so satisfying branch is up to date. “NOT TODAY” said Git. “Fatal: couldn’t find remote ref master.” That's weird. I fought with git for the next couple hours trying to figure out why it couldn't find the master branch. I wiped the whole repository multiple times still the same error. It turns out that had I tried this exact command 3 weeks ago it would have worked without an issue. There is no master branch anymore if you’re creating a new repo. There is a main branch though. As of October 1st 2020, GitHub has changed the default branch name from “Master” to “Main”. From what I read in and Article by Alex Blewitt titled “New GitHub Repositories Default to Main Branch ”, GitHub decided that the branch name master was a bit offensive so they changed the default branches name. Default branch names are also now customizable so you can get real crazy with them if that’s what you want. While the name change really doesn’t effect much in the life of the average programmer it may just catch you off guard and leave you scratching you’re head for an hour or two.




A Honolulu based software developer, that enjoys surfing, spearfishing, and making videogames

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Austin Mackrell

Austin Mackrell

A Honolulu based software developer, that enjoys surfing, spearfishing, and making videogames

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